MEET THE MAKER // Michelle Wang, Founder Arithmos

How did Arithmos come to life? Can you take us back to where it all began?

It all started with my daughter who had a skin condition where she was constantly scratching. I’ve tried many products but nothing really worked. The number of products I’ve put on her was worrying as a parent as I found the ingredient label was very complicated. I then did a lot of research on botanical oils and attended an organic skincare workshop to learn how to make my own products. Which resulted in creating a product that helped my daughter’s skin condition but also see her skin return to a healthy state. I then took this further to study while I was working full time in corporate to become a cosmetic chemist.


What is the driving force/inspiration behind Arithmos?

I’ve found that body care products are an afterthought. A lot of products in the market are focusing on face products while the quality of body care products is lacking. I’ve decided to create the best body care products in the market with fresh natural and organic ingredients that will nurture the skin with long last results.


What is your favourite Arithmos product, and why?

It’s hard to choose one product out of the Superfine Body Oil range. Each product does different things to your mood. I use UPLIFT in the morning for a bit of a “perk-me-up” that’s much needed as I’m not a morning person. I use SOOTHE at night after a shower to relax. DE-STRESS if I have a crazy hectic day where I need to unwind the day.


Top skincare tip?

You don’t need too many skincare products. Cleanser, toner, moisturiser, face oil, and body oil are all you need in your daily beauty routine. I like to explore startup/small local business where the founder formulates and makes their own products. You will often find great quality products from those businesses.


What do you hope the biggest customer takeaway is when using Arithmos products?

It’s that wow moment of its texture and aroma. People’s perception of body oil is greasy, that’s where I’ve put a lot of effort into getting the balance of the texture right. Arithmos Superfine Body Oil is very fast absorbing and won’t leave any residue. A lot of products in the market use perfume for the scent where Arithmos products use organic essential oils for their exquisite aroma, not only does it smell heavenly but the essential oils also provide aromatherapy benefits to the skin and your mood.


Why are natural ingredients so important to you?

I believe we should look after our skin the way we look after our health. We put a lot of focus on what goes into our food, ie. fresh, non-processed, organic. we should apply the same to our skincare products. Our body/skin can easily absorb the nutrients from natural ingredients to give what it needs – restoration, nurture and support.


What does the word beauty mean to you?

Natural, natural, and natural. Beauty is about being who you are, doing what you love, be confident and love yourself.


What do you believe the future of the Beauty industry looks like?

I believe transparency will be the core of the Beauty industry – disclosure of ingredients and processes in a way the consumers can understand.


Do you believe the industry can help shape the way we live in the future? The choices we make?

Beauty is part of everyone’s life, we are influenced by the industry in ways without us even noticing. Natural products, sustainability and transparency weren’t such a big deal in the past but as more brands are seeing their importance of them and heading in that direction, no doubt it will influence the way people in choosing their skincare products. People wouldn’t have asked whether the products are all-natural or organic 10 years ago, people used to make their choice based on the brand’s marketing claim. As consumers are now more educated about what they put on their skin, there’s definitely pressure on the brand at the same time to provide transparency on the ingredients and processes.


What are your thoughts on slow business practices?

I can definitely see more brands adopting slow business practices in recent years. I think it’s about creating a business and products with a purpose (over profits), value quality over quantity, allowing you to place your values front and centre, and done well (slowly). Consumers these days are looking for brands beyond their influencer marketing or marketing claims. They want to know why the brand was created in the first place (purpose), what and the quality of the ingredients in the products (quality), why the products are important to the founder (value) and how the products incorporate seamlessly into the lifestyle (done well).