MEET THE MAKER // Susanne Manasi Persson, Founder Manasi 7

Meet the incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring founder behind Manasi 7, Susanne Manasi. Susanne has over 20 years’ experience as a professional makeup artist and more than 6 years as a cosmetic product developer. Deeply committed to living a healthy life in all forms, Susanne founded Manasi 7 to offer the most sustainable and natural way possible of using beauty items.  We chat to Susanne all about Manasi 7’s inception, the importance of natural ingredients and so much more. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

How did Manasi 7 come to life?

My profound interest in health combined with my profession as a makeup artist has made me aware of the important microbiome that exists in both our gut and on our skin.  From this insight, I naturally developed a holistic mindset of living a healthy lifestyle by thinking about what I eat and what I put on my skin.  In addition to this, I had felt for a long time that the market was lacking a truly natural and organic premium beauty collection that delivered high performance.  I developed the ‘Declaration of 7’ which is a manifesto that all of our suppliers and sub-contractors need to follow when working with us and after several years of intense work and research I created Manasi 7 together with my partner in life (and father of my child) who designs all packaging and is our Art Director.


What is the inspiration behind your brand?

We really believe in creating a better product for yourself and the planet.  I think the mass production of non-environmental products and mass consumption needs to come to an end.  I never look at trends; I just go with my gut feeling and what I believe in.


Why are natural ingredients so important to you?

The use of naturally-derived, wild-harvested and certified organic ingredients is an extension of myself and how I want to live my life.  I eat natural and organic whole foods and I believe that the ingredients in my beauty products should have the same approach.  So I wanted to create makeup products that contain ingredients that have vitamins and minerals naturally and have moisturising and healing properties so they add something good to the skin while creating colour and effect.


What is your most-used Manasi 7 product?

I use Bronzelighter Roseate most – it is so versatile and easy to apply.  Not too shimmery and the perfect colour as well.  Usually, when I want to do a quick and easy pick-me-up makeup, I just apply Bronzelighter Roseate as a cream bronzer/highlighter to add a sun-kissed glow that really brightens up my skin quickly to look fresh and alert.


What does the word ‘beauty’ mean to you?

For me, it is self-expression and being confident in who you are and at the same time treating others in the same way you would want others to treat you.


What do you believe the future of the beauty industry looks like?

I think we will see a step towards more inspirational brands with a genuine story that does not just follow trends.  Unfortunately, we will see bigger brands copying smaller brands that have a genuine interest and story.



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