Stain Remover Spray Dispenser Bottle

This is not your average stain remover, it’s cleaner. This ready to use stain remover comes in a beautiful glass bottle.

Eat, drink, play then spray.

Treats up to 120 stains. 9c per Stain.

Size: 240ml.


In stock

Our powerful, plant-based stain remover is your all-in-one weapon against common household stains both at home and on the go.

Packed with biodegradable and plant-based ingredients, it’s a safe and effective stain solution for all life’s messes.

Get organised and have Stain Remover Refills on hand for when your bottle is almost empty, shop here.

Why Dirt Stain Remover is a better choice:

  • Highly concentrated to treat up to 125 stains with dose specific applicator
  • Pure and powerful ingredients that are naturally derived and 100% biodegradable
  • A refillable, drop protected glass spray bottle so no plastic waste, ever
  • Can be replenished using our refill packs, part of the zero waste, closed-loop system.
Stain Remover Starter Pack



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